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Obituary for Norine Patricia Wilson

Norine Patricia Wilson (June 24, 1955 – November 1, 2020)

Norine (Norn) was a resilient human being who was very loyal to her family (Bill, Pat, Ed, Brett, Mark, Russell, & Ian) and devoted to her daughter (Trysh) and two grandsons (Liam and Nolan). Norine grew up in Toronto and eventually used her keen sense of people and her love of the written word to become a court reporter in the downtown core. As with all the Wilsons, there were no airs about Norine. She had a comedic dry sense of humour and could always give as good as she got. She had a tender heart for the disadvantaged, which included caring for numerous dogs, and not surprisingly she always gravitated towards mutts rather than purebreds.

Norine and Kid shared a love of music and found themselves as fiercely independent kindred spirits. Their resolve lasted the test of time and over the years they shared a bond that seemed to make each of them stronger.

As the second oldest of the clan of six kids, Norine saw herself as a protector. More than a few times, she went face to face with anyone who tormented her siblings and was always the first to console an aching heart. As the only daughter, she blended in with her five brothers with her own unique charm. She managed to endure the fits, fancy and folly of her brothers in stride, supportive when necessary, and never took a back step when provoked.

Norine’s greatest source of pride was the accomplishments of her daughter, Trysh. Together they travelled the paths that only a single mother and her daughter could understand. Together until the end. As for Liam and Nolan, they are the only ones in the world that could get Norine on a scooter as they criss-crossed their way through their neighbourhood. They were the absolute joy in her life.

Norine passed away peacefully on November 1st. Norine lived a good life and will be dearly missed by all that knew her.